MonthOctober 2010

Thanks For A Great Fair!!

A big round of applause to everyone who attended the 2010 L.A. County Fair! It was a huge success with 1.37 million guests – up from last year. We had a ton of fun with Mojo the monkey, the giant dinosaurs, the food, the shopping and all the animals in FairView Farms. Our Body: The Universe Within was an amazing success! And we said good-bye to the Giant Slide.
All the totals aren’t in yet but here are a few general Fair tidbits:
130,000 – Souvenir Bottles
2,000 pounds Deep Fried Frog Legs
8,000-Deep Fried Avocado
12,000-Deep Fried Twinkies
40,000-Deep Fried Oreos
68,000 -Hot Dog on a Stick
82,567 – cups of Lemonade
Wow! Hope you enjoyed it all!
We’ll see you back next year – Sept. 3 – Oct. 2.

Wow, You Guys Ate a Lot!

So, it’s the last day of the Fair and not all the numbers are in but here are a few just from one concessionaire  – C&C:
72,000 turkey legs sold
9,600 ears of corn sold
500 pork chops-on-a-stick sold
900 lbs of fudge purchased
7  calves born
2 lambs born
3 goats born
and multiple chicks hatched
Woo hoo! Pretty good. I’ll post some more as they come in.

It's A (Stunt) Dog's Life for Zip

Last year at the Fair, a little black and auburn rat terrier/corgi mix puppy sat in the pet adoption area of Bark Park looking longingly at the talented dogs performing death-defying dog tricks at the Extreme Canines Stunt Dog Show across the lawn. This year, he is doing some of those tricks himself.
Zip, as he is lovingly known as now, was adopted at last year’s Fair by the operator of Extreme Canines. He has been in training the last eight months and performs regularly in the shows.
“He does the triathlon race for the red team,” said trainer Trish. “He is the rookie dog who challenges the veteran dog.”
Zip’s trainer, Brian, has been slowly teaching Zip. Brian and Trish had kept their eyes on Zip at last year’s Fair, thinking he would be a perfect extreme dog. “He loved his toys,” said Brian. “We look for dogs who are obsessive/compulsive with their toys.”
Zip has been a welcome addition, buddy-ing up to the seven other dogs in the show. He is known as the big kisser for his affection toward his pals.
Zoomin’ Zippy – he never relaxes, according to Brian – is expected to be in the Frisbee portion of the show next year.
Congratulations to Zip for finding his forever home and a big thanks to the Extreme Canine Stunt Dog Show for seeing the potential in that little pup.

Volunteers stitch success of 'Warm Up America' project at the Fair

Knitting and crocheting fans donated more than 1,000 blocks to this year’s “Warm Up America” project at the Fair. For more than a decade, thousands of 7”x 9” knitted or crocheted blocks have been collected by Fair volunteers to assemble into beautiful afghans and distributed to homeless shelters all over Los Angeles and Orange County.
Sixteen blocks were assembled into each individual afghan, to create more than 60 blankets. Volunteers, including the three pictured here – Yolanda Mahler of Los Angeles, Edda Broderick of Claremont and Janice Ogata of La Crescenta – who worked in the Knitting Lounge located in Tapestry on the project.

Yolanda Mahler of Los Angeles, Edda Broderick of Claremont and Janice Ogata of La Crescenta volunteered for the "Warm Up America" project at the Fair.

Volunteers also taught crocheting and knitting to Fairguests who stopped by the Lounge – an inviting, homey, living room of creativity. In fact, said Broderick, not only afghans have been “built” at the Fair, but so do friendships that continue year-round.

Arcadia High Band Takes Top Honors

First-time participants Arcadia High School took the grand prize in the L.A. County Fair’s 8th annual High School Band Competition, not only winning $5,000 but a spot in the 2012 Tournament of Roses Parade.
“This is very exciting. We’ve spent several weeks getting ourselves organized,” said Tom Landes, who directs the Arcadia band with Kevin Sherrill. “This is our first time here at the L.A. County Fair, so we didn’t know what to expect.”
Taking second place and $3,000 was Kaiser High School in Fontana. Diamond Rancho High School in Pomona received third place and $2,000.
Judges from the Tournament of Roses chose the champion. “ Arcadia’s musicality was great, their precision was fantastic. And their marching was wonderful for the Rose Parade,” said Alex Aghajanian of the TofR music committee.

Cater to your green thumb at Flower & Garden workshops this weekend

From tropical plumarias to propagating cacti, you can learn so much by dropping by the Flower & Garden Pavilion’s Atrium.
In keeping with this year’s celebration of Mexico’s 200th anniversary of independence, the appropriately named Casa Flores Stage has Susan Ayala, AIFD, presenting various floral workshops. “Creating Simple Floral Designs” will be discussed at 2 and 6 p.m. on Saturday, and Sunday at 4 p.m. “How to Care for Your Flowers – A Floral Presentation” will be offered at 4 p.m. Saturday and at 2 and 6 p.m. on Sunday.
El Verde Pulgar – The Green Thumb Stage features a variety of gardening workshops. Members of The Cactus Society will explain “The Basics of Cacti” at 1 and 5 p.m. and “Cactus and Succulents Propagation” at 3 p.m. on Saturday. Also, The Los Angeles International Fern Society will have a workshop about Staghorn Ferns at 6 p.m.
Sunday’s workshops on the El Verde Pulgar Stage include “Growing Herbs and How to Use Them” presented by master gardener Kathleen Jones at 1 and 3 p.m. Mike Gordon will discuss “Pruning Roses and Fruit Trees” at 2 p.m. and “Growing Plumarias in Southern California” at 4 p.m. “Creating a Living Art, Bonsai” will be discussed by members of The Bonsai Gardens.

Let’s toast the 2010 L.A. County Fair!

What better way to celebrate this year’s Fair than with a glass of wine or champagne?
You’ll find both among winners of the Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits Competition, as well as prize-winning spirits and olive oils.
The Fair’s wine education program is extremely popular. Each class features a minimum of six wines and attendees receive a tasting ticket of a Gold Medal winner from the International Tasting Bar at the Wine & Spirits Marketplace that’s presented by Ralphs. Each class costs $17.
Tomorrow, Adam LaZarre, winemaker of Villa San-Juliette, presents “Unusual White Wines – The Gems You Didn’t Know About!” at 2 p.m., “Merlot – It Doesn’t Suck” at 4 p.m. and “Pinot Noir – Sex In A Bottle” at 6 p.m.
On Sunday, you’ll learn “Why Bordeaux is the Most Famous Wine in France…” presented by Paul Wagner at 2 p.m. Wagner talks about  “6 Wines That Will Make You Feel Like James Bond” at 4 p.m. At 7 p.m., the “Passport Party” will be presented by Bob Smalls and Margie Jones.