The 2017 LA County Fair Dates are…

Our official dates for the 2017 LA County Fair are September 1 – 24, 2017!

la county fair 2017 dates

We will open on Labor Day Weekend, as is tradition. See you next year! The Fair will return before you know it :)

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8 thoughts on “The 2017 LA County Fair Dates are…

  1. I looked on your list of Culinary winners for 2016. The winner is incorrect for tablescaping. I won in 2016 for Christmas at Tiffany’s. I got Best of Show.

    Bonnie Overman

  2. I LOVE THE FAIR!!!!!!
    I can’t wait! Getting season passes again too!
    I wish it was more like a real county fair and a little less like a night club….but it’s still AWESOME Love the animals, the barnyard area, the botanical gardens, the food and exhibits!!!!!

  3. We will be announcing our Fair concert lineup shortly. Stay tuned!

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