Wrapping up LACF 2014

Another Fair season has come and gone. It seems like only yesterday that we were beginning our adventures at LACF!

We loved seeing all your #discoverLACF posts on social media, from carnival ride thrills to deep-fried food ventures, and meeting new animals to exploring new exhibits, it looks like all of you had a blast!

Here are our top five favorite memories from this year’s LACF:

1. Luminasia

Luminasia was a completely new experience for us at LACF. In fact, this was only the second time Luminasia has ever been in the United States, period. We will never forget the feeling we had when we saw the lanterns light up the hillsides for the first time. It was a truly one-of-a-kind experience!

2. The Farm 

If you visited the Fair this year, you would have seen the new Farm expansion:

It was nice to escape from the hustle and bustle of the carnival and shopping halls and enjoy the peace and quiet at The Farm. With dozens of specialty crops, gorgeous skies and the sound of pig races in the background, The Farm felt like a world away from the other parts of LACF. The flatbreads at the new Farm Kitchen were one of our favorite things to eat at this year’s Fair!

3. Mojo’s Wild & Crazy Lagoon 

Mojo moved her crew down to the Lagoon this year and set up shop on Monkey Island. It was fun to see the wallaby, lemurs, zebras, camels, porcupines, Lily the Spider Monkey and Mojo herself playing all day at the Fair!

4. Zorses and zonkeys 

Farm animals are a staple of the Fair and this year was no different. Alongside the pigs, cows, sheep, goats and chickens were zorses and zonkeys! Our resident cowboy Sky Shivers introduced thousands of guests to these cute fellas:

We made sure to say hello to them as often as we possibly could.

5. Grinding Gears 

After a long day of parades, shopping, petting animals and other Fair activities, it felt nice to unwind at Grinding Gears. Whether it was watching The Steam Punkers play live, dancing with the crowd to the Gizmologist’s sick beats, or being wowed by the antics of the iFlip crew, there was non-stop entertainment all night long. And it never got old!

Those were our top picks for this year’s Fair, but everyone has their own personal favorites at the Fair. Share your favorite LACF moments in the comments section below!

Thank you for a great Fair season!

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Hidden Gems of LACF

One of the best parts of the Fair is the new discoveries guests make, year after year. Whether it’s your first visit or your 50th, there is always something new to experience.

Of course traditional favorites like funnel cakes and farm animals are a must but there are hundreds of hidden gems waiting for you to find. Arthur, Haley, Kara and Trent spent a full day at the Fair. Here’s what they found:

Visit the miniature trains at the Garden Railroad, walk through the beauty of the Flower & Garden Pavilion: China, discover your own amazing superhero powers at Hall of Heroes and when the sun sets, catch an iFlip acrobatic show or dance the night away at the Grinding Gears dance club!

What discoveries have you made so far? Share your hidden gems you’ve with us using #discoverLACF.

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A Look Into Luminasia

Every night at 6 p.m. sharp, our newest attraction Luminasia opens its gates and invites you to discover a colorful world of larger-than-life lanterns replicating everything from the Leaning Tower of Pisa to slithering snakes and floating lotus blossoms.

Join our hosts as they explore Luminasia for the very first time:

Luminasia is tucked between the high-action Pirate Adventure and the tranquil Flower & Garden Pavilion. Guests will find themselves walking through beautiful worlds including “Wonders of the World,” “Garden Earth,” “Chinese Myths & Legends” and “I Love L.A.”

Share your own amazing Luminasia adventures with us on social media using #Luminasia and #discoverLACF.

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Insta-Foodie Challenge + Giveaway

Step up your Insta-game and take your best photo of our LACF food! Discover novelties like the Sriracha corn dog and deep-fried Doritos, or return to classics like giant funnel cakes and Big Ribs.

If you can handle it, venture into a vast selection of Ramen Burgers, tequila-infused pickle poppers, Dr. Bob’s decadent treats and more!

Arthur, Haley, Kara and Trent went on their own Insta-Foodie challenge here at the Fair. Find out who won in the video below:

Think you can do better than our hosts? To accept the Insta-Foodie challenge, post a picture of your best Fair foodie shot on Instagram and share it with us at #LACFInstaFoodie. 

Whoever takes the best Insta-Foodie Fair photo will receive two free tickets to the Fair! Just upload your photo to your Instagram account! Don’t forget to use the #LACFInstaFoodie hashtag! Winner announced here on Saturday, Sept. 6 at 3 p.m. PST. 

Challenge accepted? Game on and good luck.

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Date Night at LACF

When it comes to love, LACF is full of romantic opportunities. Leisurely trips on the Sky Ride at night, splitting a deep-fried dessert, riding the Ferris wheel together, Luminasia… the list goes on.

Our LACF hosts Arthur, Haley, Kara and Trent talked about their favorite Fair date ideas, from rocking out at the End of Summer Concert Series to “accidentally” holding hands on carnival rides.

When you think of a date at the Los Angeles County Fair, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? There’s tons to discover this year at the Fair.

So pick up your phone, call/text/Tinder your date and take him or her to LACF! Capture your bonding moments and show us your perfect date night using #LACFDateNight.

Why settle for dinner-and-a-movie when you can create an exciting romantic experience right here at the Fair!

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A Glowing Wonderland of Lights: A Luminasia Preview

Go behind-the-scenes of one of our most beautiful exhibits: Luminasia!

Making its California debut, Luminasia ignites LACF with color and imagination. Guests can walk through a world of dragons, elaborate pagodas, exotic animals, blooming gardens and coral reefs made entirely of giant Chinese lanterns. Our hosts Kara and Haley got to see the making of Luminasia as dozens of specialized artisans from China built these unique lanterns right here at LACF.

Luminasia takes you on a journey through four unique lands set against the hillsides of the Fair. The Myths & Legends area tells the story of Chinese legends and culture while Garden Earth is home to a number of colorful reptiles, amphibians and insects.

Don’t miss the Wonders of the World display where you can see a recreation of the Great Wall of China, or the “I Love L.A.” section where replicas of familiar Los Angeles like the Hollywood Sign and the Griffith Observatory are displayed.

Capture the beauty of Luminasia and show us your discoveries using #LACF #Luminasia.

P.S. Because we wouldn’t want you to miss this amazing attraction, we have partnered up with Coca Cola to provide you with a special promotional package of LACF admission and Luminasia tickets for $19 (valued at $28).

Go to our Tickets page under Group Offers and select the Bundle Offer ( 1 Adult Any-Day Admission & 1 Luminasia Admission). Use promo code “coke” at check-out to take advantage of this special offer.

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Discover #LACFCLASSYCOMBOS with Wine, Beer and Fair Food Pairings

Get creative with your food and beverage pairings at the Los Angeles County Fair. You can be your own beer expert and wine sommelier when you pair your favorite Fair food with the premium craft beers and award-winning wines available right here at LACF!

Popcorn, corndogs and churros are just the beginning. The unlimited array of food pairing options at the Fair opens your palate to a whole new explosion of tastes and textures that go beyond deep-fried Twinkies and lemonade.

Watch as our hosts take you on this unexpected culinary journey. Think you can do better than Arthur, Haley, Kara and Trent with your combos? Let your inner culinary intuition speak to you as you find the best food & beverage combinations. And when you do, share it with us using #LACFClassyCombos. Cheers!


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Behind-the-Scenes: The Farm at LACF

Did you know we have a Farm that grows fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables that are used as ingredients for some of the amazing food you’ll taste at LACF?

We are not your average farm. Our LACF hosts explored the ins and outs of everything the Farm has to offer, eating their way through delicious samples of our fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Haley and Arthur met with Fairplex head horticulturalist Don Delano, who is responsible for cultivating his enormous garden full of unusual crops like squash and chocolate-infused mint. At the Fair, people will not only be able to view these plants, but also indulge in yummy treats with cooking demonstrations.

At the Farm Kitchen, head chef David Teig treated our hosts Trent and Kara to freshly baked flatbread grilled with farm-fresh vegetables picked onsite at the Farm. Topped with figs, arugula, cherry tomatoes, prosciutto and cheese, the hosts’ tastebuds were overwhelmed with the deliciousness of Chef Teig’s creation as they sank into foodie bliss.

Fortunately, it’s not just our hosts that have the opportunity to taste Farm Kitchen dishes. Everyone can try the flatbread at LACF.

We invite you to use all of your senses to soak in the full Farm experience. So look, smell and eat up! Don’t forget to add the Farm to your LACF bucket list!

For more information on The Farm and other new Fair attractions, visit www.lacf.com.

 Share your own Fair discoveries with us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook using the hashtags #LACF and #lacountyfair.

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Meet your Los Angeles County Fair Hosts!

There’s all kinds of wonder to discover at the Los Angeles County Fair! In fact, there’s so much to do, see, taste and experience that it can be overwhelming to try to do it all in one day.

Our new LACF Hosts will help you out by taking you through all the attractions, food and entertainment we have in store for you this year, giving you a behind-the-scenes view of everything that happens at the Fair.

Without further ado, meet our LACF Hosts for 2014!

LACF Hosts

Arthur, music lover and accent extraordinaire, does cartoon voice-overs and stand-up comedy throughout Los Angeles.

He can’t wait to check out all the entertainment happening at LACF, from the tribute bands to the End of Concert Summer Series line-up.
Haley is not only a gymnast, but also has a black belt in martial arts. She may have gotten her acting bug doing musical theater in high school, but these days she also works as a stunt double.

She can’t wait to see what adventurous things there are to do at the Fair.

Kara is super famous in China. No, really, she is. Raised in Southern California, Kara just spent the last few years overseas acting in various Chinese programs. She’s also a major foodie and an expert on all things edible. If there’s something new and delicious to try at LACF, she’s all about it.

Trent joins us from Texas (can you hear the remnants of his accent?) but is definitely making progress in becoming a true Angeleno. He teaches kids soccer by day, and does improv and stand-up by night.

He can’t wait to check out the new craft beer tasting classes at the Fair this year.

Check the blog and our other social media channels as our hosts take you on their behind-the-scenes discoveries. And come meet Arthur, Haley, Kara and Trent at the Los Angeles County Fair!

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