Jessica & Alvaro’s Fair-y Tale Wedding

Jessica & Alvaro are officially the first couple to get married at our new Farm venue! You can read the story of how they met here.

Jessica & Alvaro’s wedding took place on an absolutely gorgeous day at the Fair! A light breeze, fleecy white clouds, a bright blue sky and not a trace of the humidity that pervaded most of September. Perfect weather conditions for an outdoor party.

Our creative team designed a rustic, country-style theme, to match the Farm architecture. Sunflowers, miniature honey jars as party favors, lace and plenty of wooden decor created a romantic, outdoorsy wedding ceremony and reception.

Special thanks to Cucamonga Cakery for providing the adorable teacup cupcakes and wedding cake, and to Carol’s Secret Garden for the beautiful bouquets and flower arrangements! For more information on weddings at Fairplex, please visit

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Paul & Amy’s Fair-y Tale Wedding

Paul and Amy’s Fair-y Tale Wedding took place on one of the hottest days of the Fair (110 degrees) but that didn’t stop them from getting married!

Their wedding took place inside Luminasia, before the attraction opened to the public.

Paul and Amy met seven years ago at community college. They originally planned to get married in 2011, but when Paul was called back to active military duty in Afghanistan, they had to put their plans on hold. After many other life adventures, they are ready to tie the knot. You can read their full story here.

The couple will be moving to the East Coast soon and wanted to get married with all their family and friends before moving across the country. Everyone had a great time celebrating with Paul and Amy. Congratulations to the happy couple!

A special thank-you to Wisteria Grove for the gorgeous floral arrangements and to Some Crust Bakery for providing the wedding cake and candy treats! For more information on weddings at Fairplex please visit

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Fran & Darryl’s Fair-y Tale Wedding

We had a total of four weddings this year at LACF. Each one was uniquely beautiful and it was wonderful to be a part of each one. Today we wanted to share Fran & Darryl’s special day with you. You can read the story of how they met here.

Fran has overcome many obstacles in her life, including a serious car accident that left her without the use of her legs. Since that time, Fran has become totally independent, even driving her own car! It was wonderful to see her so happy at her wedding day.

This wedding was held in the Champagne Court at the Sheraton Fairplex hotel. The citrus theme is a nod to our agricultural roots as well as a preview of the expanding Farm on the other side of the campus.

A special thank you to Cucamonga Cakery for providing the elegant wedding cake and other treats, and to Carol’s Secret Garden for the lovely floral arrangements! All photos were taken my LoveMade Photography.

We can’t wait to share our other two weddings with you very soon! For more information on Fairplex as a wedding venue, please visit

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Darius & Clevette’s Fair-y Tale Wedding

Wedding bells rang at the Fair last Sunday as we celebrated our first Fair-y Tale Wedding on top of Picnic Hill! Some of you might remember the Fair-y Tale Wedding contest we had earlier this year when we selected four couples to exchange vows right here at the Fair.

Darius & Clevette were the first couple to say “I do.” You can read the story of how they met here. The couple brought a little East Coast love to the Fair as they traveled all the way from Maryland for this special occasion.

We handpicked special venues within the Fairgrounds for each couple and themed each wedding based off their location. Darius & Clevette’s wedding theme was inspired by Picnic Hill. 

For those who aren’t familiar with the Fairgrounds, Picnic Hill is a beautiful grassy area that sits right behind the Timber Mountain Slide and overlooks all of Broadway, the carnival and the Home & Garden sections.

Our creative team took the picnic theme to heart and created a wedding that transported guests from the flurry of the city and into a land reminiscent of carefree summer afternoons at the park.

It was a joy to watch this very sweet couple exchange vows and celebrate with their closest family and friends. We wish them happy blessings as they step into this next chapter of their lives!

A special thank you to Wisteria Grove for donating such beautiful floral arrangements and to Some Crust Bakery for providing the wedding cake and baked goods!



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Fair-y Tale Wedding Theme Preview – Paul & Amy

Paul proposed to Amy four years ago with plans to get married the following year. Three months before their wedding day, Paul was called to active duty in the Middle East.

He returned to the States last year but the couple decided to put their wedding on hold until they could pay off student loans and other bills.

They don’t have to wait any longer, thanks to the Fair-y Tale Wedding contest!

Their wedding will take place on the gorgeous hillsides of Luminasia.

Luminasia: Paul & Amy

Luminasia is a beautiful landscape of flowers, animals, pagodas and world-famous landmarks, all made from brightly colored custom Chinese lanterns. Our creative team used that as inspiration for a beautiful color palette of jewel tones including rich reds, royal purple and cream colors.

Luminasia wedding colors

A preview of Luminasia 

Luminasia is a colorful world of larger-than-life Chinese lanterns replicating famous world landmarks, icons of Los Angeles, Chinese myths and legends, flora, fauna and animals of the land and sea. For more information on Luminasia and our other LACF attractions, visit

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Fair-y Tale Wedding Theme Preview – Darius & Clevette


It’s not often that we see East Coasters visit LACF, but that’s exactly what Darius and Clevette want for their Fair-y Tale Wedding!

Although Darius has never been to the Fair before, Clevette shares fond childhood memories with us. They are excited to bring their families from both coasts to LACF for their wedding day.

Darius and Clevette have been dating for seven years and they are excited to exchange vows in less than two months! Keep reading to see what we have planned for their wedding.

Picnic Hill: Darius & Clevette

Los Angeles County Fair wedding

Our creative team envisioned a fun woodland wedding for Darius & Clevette, in the Picnic Hill venue space. Staying true to its namesake, the venue will be transformed into a mishmash of checkered cloth designs, wildflowers and picnic basket party favors. 

Los Angeles County Fair Weddings

The Picnic Hill wedding theme includes soft, warm colors that are perfect for the oncoming autumn months, savory and sugary treats, picnic basket goodies and comfy, woodsy details that are perfect for their intimate ceremony.

Picnic Hill overlooks the carnival, shopping vendors, Mojo’s Wild & Crazy Lagoon and the Sky Ride as it goes down Broadway. Typically Picnic Hill is used for company picnics and as a nice respite from the heat of the day.

Our Creative team will be transforming this quiet, grassy area into a romantic, picnic-themed wedding for Darius & Clevette. We can’t wait to see the final product!

Stay tuned to see how Paul & Amy’s wedding plans are coming along and for the down low on what new attractions are coming to LACF this year.

For more information about the Los Angeles County Fair visit

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Fair-y Tale Wedding Theme Preview – Alvaro & Jessica

Meet Alvaro & Jessica, one of the couples getting married at LACF this year!

This couple’s Fair-y Tale Wedding takes place at The Farm. Their wedding will take place on the last weekend of the Fair, exactly nine years after their very first date!

For Alvaro and Jessica we chose a  at rustic theme, incorporating soft pastels, lace, and other elements to bring a romantic, outdoorsy wedding to life.

The Farm: Alvaro & Jessica

The light colors are a perfect fit for a balmy September morning wedding at The Farm.

The cake table and refreshment table will be surrounded by flowers and mason jars.

Lace-covered tables made out of crates and barrels, drinks served in mason jars and cupcakes served on top of teacups are just some of the ideas circling in our creative department for this theme. We can’t wait to celebrate with Alvaro and Jessica! Stay tuned for updates on their wedding and for other Fair-y Tale sneak peeks!

For more information on LACF attractions and events, visit

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Fair-y Tale Wedding Theme Preview – Fran & Darryl

Our Fair-y Tale couples have been selected and the wedding planning has begun! In this first part of our wedding series we will give you a sneak-peek at the themes and décor for each wedding.

The LACF Creative team is busy designing the themes for each couple’s big day, based on their event venue inside the Fairgrounds. Our team has designed mood boards representing the theme/décor ideas for each wedding. Each theme is unique to the couple and the venue they are getting married at.

Keep reading to get a preview of Fran & Darryl’s special day:

The Champagne Court: Fran & Darryl 

Fairy Tale Wedding Hotel Theme

Fran & Darryl are saying “I do” in the Champagne Court at the Sheraton Fairplex Hotel, located right next to the Fairgrounds. The expansive lawn space is the perfect canvas for a citrus-themed wedding.

The Creative team is infusing bright orange, lemon yellow and sage hues into the floral arrangements, wedding cake, altar and other elements. Brightly colored lemon sweets, a lemonade stand photo booth and elegant table arrangements are just some of the fun ideas brewing in our minds.

The citrus theme was inspired from LACF’s agricultural roots. The scents and color scheme creates a fresh, summery atmosphere for the morning ceremony and is a fun contrast to the deep-fried traditional Fair foods we are known for. Lemons and oranges are still grown on the Fairgrounds and will be picked fresh to be used as part of the wedding décor!

Each couple’s wedding is designed by LACF event specialists. Everything you see at the Fair, from the unique settings in our new Grinding Gears nightclub to the colorful, whimsical backdrops of the DIY Design Studio are built by the skilled hands of our in-house Creative team and that same talent is being poured into our weddings!

Stay tuned for updates on Fran & Darryl’s wedding planning and for sneak-peeks from our other couples’ wedding plans.

For more information on LACF attractions and events, visit

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