Tick-Tock…Fair is Coming to an End + GIVEAWAY [CONTEST CLOSED]

By now I’m sure many of you have already visited the Fair at least once, but for those of you who haven’t taken the time to #DARETOFAIR, continue reading as I go over the top 5 things to do at the 2016 LA County Fair.

1)      Indulge – We love food and know you do too! With such concoctions as deep-fried hot sauce, chicken IN waffles (served on a stick), spaghetti ice cream, guacamole balls – battered and fried, bacon-wrapped everything and the belly-buster Krispy Kreme triple cheeseburger, take the day off and eat. Don’t fight it. The Fair only comes around once a year.

2)      Roar! – The LA County Fair takes you back 65 million years with life-sized dinosaurs roaming the hillside behind the Flower & Garden Pavilion. Jurassic Planet features 35 animatronic creatures from the mighty T-Rex to the lovable Maiasaura, so realistic you’ll truly think you’ve stepped back in time. Everyone becomes amateur paleontologists with a dino dig pit and fossil hunting. A real paleontologist is on hand to answer any and all questions. A nominal admission fee required for ages 6 and older.

3)      OUR BODY: The Universe Within – Go under the skin of human anatomy – literally! – with this fascinating, educational exhibit of 200 uniquely preserved human specimens offering a vibrant, 3D view of our bodies usually reserved just for doctors.

4)      The Igloo – Chill-out in our Arctic Village with Polar Ice Rink* and Penguin Sled Run* made with real ice and snow!  Shop the Arctic Promenade for cool products and come back after 6pm for an all-ages dance party featuring DJ Cool and periodic snow storms.  *. A nominal admission fee required for ages 6 and older.

5)      The Farm – One of the favorite attractions at the LA County Fair, The Farm features a five-acre organic urban garden and the Big Red Barn, home to familiar and not-so-familiar barnyard critters. Children (and adults) love hanging out with our sheep, pigs, goats, chickens and cows.


LA County Fair Giveaway


Congratulations to ARMANDO for being selected as our winner! Armando says his kids would like to see all the animals, while he and his wife would enjoy trying all the Fair food before our season comes to an end. 

Thank you to everyone for playing!

What would you like to see before the Fair goes away?
Comment below for your chance to win a family 4-pack of admission tickets, carnival ride passes, and a #DARETOFAIR swag bag!
Winners are selected randomly and will be announced Friday, Sept. 23 at 2 pm PDT.

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#DareToFair Photo Round Up: Week 2

Week 3 of the Fair has just started, but we couldn’t let Week 2 go by without giving kudos to some of our favorite social media photos! Here are some of our favorites that you took last week:

#DareToFair Photo Round-Up Opening Weekend

1. This photo of Stanley checking this cut-out of himself out. 

stanley the giraffe

Photo Cred: @itsloraining

2. This awesome photo of Zor, our fire performer at Mojo’s Wild & Crazy Lagoon. 

la county fair

Photo Cred: kdominiqueg

3. This adorable (and brave) little one taking a ride on a T-rex in Jurassic Planet. 

la county fair jurassic planet

Photo Credit: @lilliongirl

4. This beautiful blend of purple & pink carnival lights. 

la county fair carnival

Photo Cred: @ninamasuda

5. This young guest rocking a Dare To Fair cape. 

la county fair dare to fair

Photo Cred: @pat_tie_e

These are just some of our top picks from what we’ve seen so far! For a chance to get featured on our Fair blog and other social channels, make sure you use #DareToFairand/or #lacountyfair in your photos!

For all info regarding the Fair, visit us at lacountyfair.com!

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T-Rex Invasion at Jurassic Planet

Our gates are closed for the day, but it seems someone managed to find his/her way into Jurassic Planet…

If you liked what you saw, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to see everything that the LA County Fair has to offer.

Have you visited Jurassic Planet?
What were your thought on it?

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Dare To Fair! Opening Weekend Recap Video

This weekend felt like perfection: the sunny light weather, the animals, the rides, the food, the crowds… Fair is here and we couldn’t be happier.

We really embraced the #DareToFair spirit with everything we experienced. Check it out!

We open again on Wednesday, Sept. 7 and we hope you’ll join us for another weekend of Fair! Visit lacountyfair.com for info on tickets, promotions and more.

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Jurassic Planet

In case you haven’t heard, WE HAVE DINOSAURS at the LA County Fair…and we are LOVING the love we’re getting from our Fairgoers. Here is a sneak peak into Jurassic Planet.

Jurassic Planet, the Fair’s new outdoor prehistoric attraction, goes back 65 million years and is home to nearly 40 life-size animatronic dinosaurs. Are they domesticated or do they still rage with the fury of the largest inhabitants on earth trying to survive? I guess Fairguests will have to find out for themselves.

Discover how these giants from the past made the Fair their new home. Learn the idiosyncrasies of these extra, extra large reptiles. Fascinating facts are part of the experience; you’ll learn more than you ever thought possible about dinosaurs, like the fact that their closest living relatives are birds.

Outside the gates of Jurassic Planet is an interactive play park where adults and children can dig for fossils, visit the touch table and talk to a real-life paleontologist.

This attraction has a $5 admission fee. Open all day and perfect for all ages.

Have you visited Jurassic Planet? What did you think of it?
Let us know in the comment section.  

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Fair Snapshot: Jurassic Planet Entrance

Construction is already starting on one of our largest 2016 exhibits: Jurassic Planet. We’re very happy to welcome back this fan favorite and look forward to experiencing it all come September!

Check back here later this year for additional updates (and giveaways!) for the 2016 LA County Fair. It’s going to be a fun season :)

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LACF 2016 Preview: It’s baa-aack

2016 is just around the corner and plans for next year’s Fair are here! We wanted to share a little sneak preview of one of our attractions: Jurassic Planet. Yep, the fan favorite is back in town! If you’re a dinosaur fan like we are, you’ll love everything we are bringing to the Fairgrounds but for now, here is a quick look: 

Each exhibit starts as a sketch, then transforms into the life-size attraction one step at a time. It can take up to 3 months to build our larger exhibits.

What kind of dinosaur wonders are behind those gates? You’ll have to wait and see!

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T. Rex is Coming!

Jurassic Planet is getting a new dinosaur tomorrow and this one will not just be fenced in in our bio research facility–it will be on the move and walking among us!

The Natural History Museum in Los Angeles has generously let their living, breathing, moving T. rex spend Friday, Sept. 30 at the Fair. I mean, even dinosaurs get a hankering for a funnel cake and a roller coaster, right?

The T. rex will be out visiting with guests for about 20 minutes at time over by Jurassic Planet. He’ll be there during the following times:

The T. rex is only here Friday, so make sure you stop to say hello! Below is a video of Mr. Rex, on the loose at the Natural History Museum. You can also find out more about how they’ve brought a dinosaur to life on their website.

View more videos at: http://nbclosangeles.com.

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Try Our Top 10 Free Family Activities

Nothing is sweeter than spending time with your family, and the Fair knows that!  With tight budgets and a challenging economy,  we know what you want: things to do with your family that are cost effective!  With tons of great admission promotions (bring a few children’s books your kids have outgrown and voila, a ticket to the Fair during Book Drive Thursdays) it’s up to you what you make of your day.  Here are some helpful hits at fun FREE family activities while at the Fair:

10.  Swing in the Trees with Mojo - It’s a jungle out here at the L.A. County Fair – literally! The hillside above the Flower & Garden Pavilion has transformed into an interactive, living jungle.

9.  Travel back to the Land of Frogs, Princesses and Knights - Escape into a land of frogs, princesses, and knights and let your imagination run wild as you embark on a journey to a place full of wonder and magical allure. Once you cross the drawbridge you will enter into a world where princesses reign, knights fight for honor and fairy tales are born.

8.  Team up with Smokey Bear at Wilderness Ridge - Discover the wonders of the great outdoors when you explore the beauty of Mother Nature right here at the L.A. County Fair. Go back in time and learn about the logging industry that took place across the United States in the early 1900s.

7.  Arr and Arf in Pet’s Ahoy - An animal adventure on the high seas- Ahoy mateys!  Well, it’s official…the pirates have gone to the dogs…and cats, and birds, and rats!  Pillaging pirates have invaded Bark Park – but don’t worry, we let the dogs out and they are fighting back!

6.  Stomp Around with the Dinosaurs – Learn all about the Giganotosaurus, Dimetrodon, Dilophasaurus, Tyrannosaurus and many more along your journey through Jurassic Planet.

5.  Celebrate Your Community with a Parade – Join us every day of the Fair as we honor our local communities and organizations with a grand parade dedicated especially for them!  Each parade will include elements from the Fair neighborhoods, high school bands, grounds acts and entertainment, classic cars, floats and much more!

4.  Watch a Milking Demonstration - Visit Daisy’s Education Barn where you’ll learn where milk comes from in the milking parlor as you watch the cows milked the old fashion way. Then walk next door to Cindi’s Curds & Whey Barn where you can learn how to make ice cream, butter, cottage cheese and cream cheese the old-fashioned way all day.

3.  Pet an Animal – In the Farm House Friends Petting Barn at The Big Red Barn you can pet some furry barnyard friends in one of the largest petting barnyards anywhere.

2.  Surround Yourself with Science in America’s Kids - Physics, chemistry and kinetics are all around us… every day. Every time we bounce a ball, bake a cake or wash our hands, the basic principles and laws of science are present.

1.  Hang out in California’s Heritage Square - Experience early California history. Tour the Little Red School House and imagine you’re a student in the 1920s, visit the Riverside Farm House which was built in 1922 and even pan for gold and meet our resident miners.

See you in 14 days!!!

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